Summer Time

4 months

Hattie hates the pacifier, but loves her fingers!

Finally! One of the eclipses was visible -- we were lucky enough to see Venus!

Hattie has filled the missing piece of our puzzle, xoxo.

The back of our property. 

Bug acting like a monkey. 

Harrison helping with the planting of the blueberry bushes. 

The past 7 weeks have flown by! I had to go back to work for 3 weeks during which time my sister (Christi) came for a week and then Grandma Jo came in for the last 2 to take care of baby girl. It went pretty smoothly, with the exception that she refuses all bottles and pacifiers! It made for long, hectic days for Mama, but we made and are very much enjoying our summer break!

During this time we purchased a new home that sits on the edge of town and comes with close to an acre...we are all loving this new home and are so very grateful to have such an amazing place to raise our precious babies. Life. Is. Good. 

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