Harrison turns 5!

Harrison requested a DQ cake for his birthday...unfortunately, he did not like it. 

Our happy boy!
Getting his game on.
Taking the final WHACK! 
For his actual birthday celebration, his best buddy Jake came for dinner & cake.

Such a handsome boy!

......Harrison & Hattie.....

It would be a lie if I said the past eight weeks have not gone by in a haze. I was not mentally prepared for the amount of work that a newborn brings with them at their birth. It has been another learning curve for this Mama, but we finally have everything under control! Harrison continues to be the best big brother a sweet little button could have. He is eager to snuggle and contribute any way he can...almost a little to eager:)  Hattie is growing nicely, she had her 8 week check-up yesterday and is weighing 9.9 lbs & is 20.5" -- we finally have ourselves a chunky monkey! She is such a peaceful, angelic little being who is changing by the day...we truly are lucky up here in Montana!

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Laci said...

Your two babes are the most precious little beings... I cannot wait to watch their love and appreciation for one another grow over the coming years. You both are fantastic parents! Congratulations on creating two bright and kind-loving souls. Harrison and Hattie are the bees knees to this Auntie!